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JSC "Auditing company" Samovarova and Partners

29 / 37-37, Kronverkskaya st.
St. Petersburg


  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate restructuring & insolvency
  • Consultancy

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Firm overview

Audit and consulting group "Panacea PROF" started its activities in 1992. in St. Petersburg, and successfully combines many years of experience with high standards of quality of service and a flexible approach to solving our customers. Currently ACG "Panacea PROF" comprises a group of companies (LLC "TSNIA" Panacea ", JSC" Audit Company "and Samovarov Partners "," Center Consulting "Panacea", "Registrum TRAC" ) , providing a wide range of services, including: audit, tax advice, Business Consulting, IFRS, evaluation, arbitration, maintenance and restoration of accounting program "Tax thermometer", Re LLC ("Registrum TRAC"). The last ten years, we are one of the largest Russian audit and consulting groups. Our clients - large and medium-sized Russian and foreign companies interested in obtaining high-quality auditing and consulting services internationally, as well as individual-oriented approach and the high efficiency of the interaction with the audience. Proven 19-year history of ACS 'Panacea TRAC' original method of audit is an optimal ratio of the effectiveness of the results, the adequacy of the audit procedures performed and to minimize labor costs. We are proud of our long-term cooperation both with large private companies: ROSNO, RESO-Guarantee, Loaf, Nevo Tabak, Neva Cosmetics, Pit-Product, Kampomos, Genesis, Lesko, Video International, Planet Fitness, Chupa Chups Rus, and with public corporations and enterprises: United Shipbuilding Corporation, Russian Technologies, Atomenegroprom, STC Russia and many others.

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