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NK Assessoria Contábil e Fiscal Ltda.

Rua Martiniano de Carvalho,
181 Bela Vista
Sao Paulo


  • Accounting

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Firm overview

Since 1977 NK provides accounting and tax services, organized with the main departments: tax, labour relations, legalization, commercial, finance, legal, quality and IT. NK reached a strong market position providing these services. In 2014, together with several former EY partners, directors and staff, NK started to provide services in three new areas: audit, tax (compliance and advisory) and advisory. We provide full accounting, auditing, tax and advisory services related to the Brazilian GAAP (Brazil adopted IFRS), IFRS, USGAAP and IPSAS. NK is focused in quality services and has three certificates: 1) Certified with ISO9001 – ABNT by the Quality Management System; 2) Company devoted with the certification of Quality Program Business Accounting – PQEC since 2005, established by the regulatory bodies of accounting activities; 3) Company recognized by the Municipality of Sao Paulo, with the title “Corporate Citizen” for this concern and involvement with social responsibility. NK partners are universities professors (FECAP and Fipecafi), members of the Brazilian accounting board, as well as members of accounting and auditing technical working groups in the Brazilian Institute of Independent Auditors and de Brazilian Accounting Board. NK has a Japanese Desk that is coordinated by the NK founder and chairman, with two managers and staff that are fluent in Japanese. This team coordinates activities linked with more than 100 Japanese clients. This team is very active in the Japanese community business wise and in the cultural interests.

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