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Abdullah Algakee & Partner Company for Auditing and Financial Consultations

Nouakchott Street, (in front of Sundus Tower),


  • Auditing
  • Tax
  • Consultancy

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Firm overview

YAMA was established with a unique skills mix of expertise of some of the best young professionals as a leading company that provides services innovatively and professionally, helping your business become more responsive, profitable and sustainable. We work through our Head Office, which is located in the Capital City of Sana’a, Nawaakshot Street, to provide advisory services such as Auditing, Financial, Tax and Zakaat consulting, including Risk Management, Evaluation, Economic Feasibility Studies, Commercial Litigation, Merger and Liquidation, and Consulting Services for the Local and International NGOs. Our aim focuses on you and your business, working to create opportunities and excel in providing the best service to our clients. So, at YAMA, we believe that a diverse mix of the vast experiences of our partners and professional consultants gained from the work of a generation of experienced cadre for many years in the various sectors of the local market and in-depth technical knowledge of the latest developments in professional and technological practices in the markets. Finance and business make us stand out in providing a number of business and financial insights and consistent professional services that allow our clients get more time to focus on what really matters most in running their businesses. Thinking professionally and distinctively, it is clear enough that we add a value when we advise our clients, motivating them to manage their businesses unconventionally.

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