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Rahman Mostafa Alam & Co.

Paramount Heights (7th Floor - D2 & C1)
65/2/1, Box Culvent Road
Purana Paltan


  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate restructuring & insolvency
  • Consultancy

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Firm overview

Rahman Mostafa Alam & Co. (RMA) started its professional activities on 1st September 1986 to serve a diverse client base ranging from private individuals to small-medium-large sized business. Since then it has grown to be a respectable Grade – A firm by Bangladesh Bank and in the panel of auditors for listed entities by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange commission (BSEC). The firm is in the top of the list of BSEC’s valuer firms. The firms is also in BSEC’s list of 20 audit firms to audit of the entities going for issue securities under Book Building Method. The firm is enlisted with NGO Affairs Bureau, Micro Credit Regulatory authority and various donors operating in Bangladesh.

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