A listed Indian Company in Bangalore had contacted a few firms to resolve a legal matter with a company in Israel.  These firms had failed to provide satisfactory service.

Through a professional network, the CFO of the listed Company was acquainted with Unnikrishan Meon (Unni) (Vasan & Sampath, Bangalore-India). The CFO mentioned his case to Unni.  Unni reached out immediately to Moshe Yeskin (Yeskin & Co), who without hesitation recommended a lawyer to Unni’s associate.

The CFO was connected to Moshe’s lawyer associate whose services was enlisted and the company received timely professional assistance with successful outcome.  The client was very appreciative of the introduction and have sent positive feedback to both members.

By virtual participation at INPACT Marketplace sessions, Unni ‘met’ Moshe virtually and interacted thereon.

Unni commented:

“Thanks to our friend Moshe, and INPACT marketplace (where I had opportunity to interact with him) - I now have a strong basis to approach the company for some work here in India.

Sharing this, so that we reiterate the power of networking and participation”

Congratulations once again to Moshe for rendering the support to Bangalore member and to Unni on attaining a great client by adopting a proactive engaging attitude.