The importance of high international association standards

As a leading global accounting firm alliance, INPACT is highly selective when appointing independent firms as members of the organization. Every firm interested in joining with us is required to meet strict membership criteria and to pass through a due diligence process aimed at protecting the good reputation of the alliance and our member firms and at ensuring standards remain high. Existing members are also subject to ongoing, informal reviews that seek to confirm their ability to meet these criteria.

Our due diligence process consists of:

  • An initial membership enquiry form to determine motivations for membership
  • Discussions with the longest established members in the country
  • A detailed application form to confirm key membership criteria are met
  • Review of the application report by the relevant Board.

Membership processing times vary depending on the complexity of the application, but typically the Board is able to either make a decision or give initial feedback on the application within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Alliance membership criteria

Although we have a long-term strategy to appoint a member firm in every major commercial centre, growth will not be achieved at the cost of our core values.

Candidate member firms are carefully screened to ensure they meet criteria related to size, breadth of services and local reputation, and that they also share core values related to service and ethics.

More specifically, prospective members must be:

  • Located in a city or country where INPACT does not currently have a representative member. View our directory to see if we have a member in your city or country
  • A full service accountancy firm
  • Mid sized in their local market
  • A member of the relevant local professional accountancy institute
  • Unaffiliated with a competing international association or network of accounting firms
  • A reputable local firm with significant expertise in cross border business
  • English speaking
  • An expanding firm with a growing proportion of internationally active clients
  • Committed to marketing the firm and to participation in and promotion of the association. 

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