Practical Tactical Tips to Business Development

We don’t need to tell you that today’s business development is more important than ever. The difficulty is, we need to keep finding new approaches to stay visible to our clients, contacts, and markets and keep meeting new people as restrictions are changing from week to week (and in some locations even day to day). 

Back in March, the view was we’d weather a tough 3 months then go back to business as normal.  However, nearly 6 months things are still unpredictable so it’s absolutely vital we keep adapting out BD to keep in step with an ever-changing world. 

Bernard Savage, one half of a specialist business development agency, Tenandahalf, has developed a 3-step approach called ‘React, Refresh and Return’ to help professional service firms transition successfully through the next few months.   

Bernard, a previous speaker at an INPACT conference, would like to take you through all 3 stages (and share some valuable practical tactical tips that will help you generate more from BD during the process) in a FREE 60-minute webinar. 

The webinar you help you answer 5 vital questions: 

  1. What BD lessons have we learned over the last few months? 
  2. How can you adapt your BD to take full commercial advantage of the lessons we’ve learned? 
  3. How can you transition successfully from crisis to recovery? 
  4. What should you be doing tactically at each stage? 
  5. How can you protect your existing relationships and keep attracting new clients while things remain uncertain?