Hosted by P&P Advisory Services.

Schedule for Friday 4th May 2018:



International Taxation and practice development  9:30 – 12:30


Main Speaker

Mr. Spyros Ioannou BS Hon FCA – Tax Partner at Primus Limited


Assisted by:

George Poullis & Melinos Pissourios - P & P Advisory Services Limited


  1. Local Challenges: lead by banking crisis, bail in decision of 2013 and MOU that ended in March 2016 aimed to reduce fiscal spending, reorganize banking system, promote civil service efficiency and privatization, and bring economy back to growth.


  1. International challenges:

    1. BEPS – 15 steps

    2. De-offshorization/CFC legislation in Russia

    3. Changes in offshore jurisdictions (transparency of director registers, Exchange of Information, maintenance of accounting records)

    4. EU/USA sanctions list

    5. EU offshore jurisdictions list


  1. Changes introduced in the Tax System to tackle the crisis and new challenges and improve attractiveness of CY. Provide a list of tax changes in last 3-4 years


  1. Analyse in detail most important changes (personal taxation of expats, 60 days CY residency, non domicile tax status, Transfer Pricing, IP, NID, etc)