Members from all four regions of INPACT will come together in Prague from 24-27 October for the INPACT 2018 World Conference.

Themed ‘The World is Open for Business’; the conference brings together leading accountancy firms from across the globe to share expertise and ideas on how to help their clients to exploit the global marketplace to their best advantage.

Keynote speakers will include technology futurist Ian Khan, who helps businesses gain a competitive advantage in today’s era of rapid change and disruption. An expert in change management and emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, Ian advises on how to fuel growth through technology solutions.

Business development expert Bernard Savage, from Size 10½ Boots, will share career insights from working with blue-chip firms Procter & Gamble and Shell, as well as his extensive experience helping professional service firms to grow and develop their business.

The conference will also welcome Hon Monica Mutsvangwa, Deputy Vice President of the South African Development Parliamentary Forum, who will lead a panel session on ‘The World is Open for Business’ and share her wide ranging political career and extensive business experience with INPACT members.

INPACT EMEA & CSA President, Ralf Zeiss comments,

“Our carefully selected speakers for INPACT’s 2018 World Conference will be thought provoking, challenging and inspiring and will help INPACT members discover new ways in which to further enhance their client support in this global marketplace.”

The conference will also include Audit and Tax training sessions, knowledge sharing and extensive networking opportunities for members to ensure INPACT maintains and enhances its position as a leading global accounting alliance.