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Strategic Partnerships

Pairing Client   ↔️   Client = 2 - A Win-Win-Win

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BLink (Business Link) remains a great way to secure new business. INPACT Marketplace aims to maximise business opportunities and explore new avenues for collaboration. It’s a chance to promote your firm and your clients, and to find about the works of other INPACT member firms across the globe.

  • Share how you can help fellow members' clients and how your clients can collaborate.
  • Share what works for you / your firm.... INPACT Marketplace is the place to be.
  • Connecting members to business opportunities happens monthly at INPACT Marketplace.


INPACT Marketplace happens once a month on the Second Tuesday of each month. Share your expertise / opportunities  at IMP and feel free to share projects on INPACT Marketplace LinkedIn

If you have a business opportunity to share, please email Daniel on daniel@inpactint.com or Moshe Yeskin moshe@yeskin.co.il