During the pandemic, professional firms all over the world have lost revenues, clients, staff and opportunities. Pipelines of new business have been lost. New client conversations have been sidelined or cancelled. Growth and recovery will only happen if firms recognise the need to invest in their people, specifically the skills of those people to create new opportunities in a covid world.

Many of the sales and business development methods that won work a few months ago are no longer in play. Networking, attending events, shaking hands, swapping business cards and meeting for lunch/coffee don't work anymore. Many professionals are trying to force their old in-person methods to work in a virtual world. Unfortunately, they don't. A whole new skill set centred around remote contact, digital presence, social media engagement and video meetings is required to source and convert today's prospects into tomorrow's clients.

Top consulting firms like Bain and McKinsey say virtual selling will continue to be the new normal even when face-to-face is an option. Professional firms must change or risk losing market share and new client revenues. In this interactive session, Rob Brown will share how today's professionals can differentiate themselves and connect with potential clients and introducers to win business and fill their pipelines with new opportunities.

Rob Brown will show you the many angles to business development and winning work followed by discussion session.