How to Nurture & Strengthen Client Relationships and Build your Authority in a Crisis

It's not easy to nurture - much less strengthen and grow - your client relationships and your authority in the midst of a major crisis.

Relationships risk being strained during this period, but there are also powerful opportunities to help clients in a time of need and enrich your connections with them. But it's always an amazing time to build stronger client relationships and your authority - and even more so now. Economic downturns come and go, but what enables us to build a thriving legal practice or a legal career over time is having deep, trusting relationships with clients who can hire you and refer you, again and again. That's a message that's especially needed at the moment.

And that's why Itzik Amiel, attorney-at-law, international speaker and bestselling author to talk about Strengthening Client Relationships in a Crisis: How to Stay in Touch, Add Value, and Build Your Authority for Future Growth. These strategies based on his bestselling book: “The Attention Switch”. If you want to be connected, make yourself worth connecting to. It’s a journey, and every step counts.

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