Don’t miss the first INPACT Marketplace Zoom session
Wednesday 10th June 2pm BST, 1pm GMT


What is INPACT Marketplace?

Do you have a client who is searching for an investor, or one with a business opportunity requiring international support/services? Then INPACT Marketplace is the place to go.

INPACT Marketplace is all about promoting referrals, discussing new business opportunities and exploring new avenues for member collaboration. We are launching a series of exciting zoom sessions that provide the perfect platform for you to link with members across the globe to discuss your clients’ business and investment needs.

When can I join?

Our first session takes place on Wednesday, 10th June at 2pm BST, 1pm GMT and will be led by Israel member Moshe Yeskin, Partner at Yeskin & Co. Many of you will know of Moshe’s passion for business networking and referral.

Whether you need to collaborate on a tender, work on an international project, find an investor, or simply discuss business opportunities with fellow members…INPACT Marketplace is the place to be. 

How can I join?

To register for the session, or if you have a business proposal / opportunity to share at the INPACT Marketplace, please email to send us details of your proposal/business opportunity or simply check your Inbox to register at the tap of the button.