Unprecedented Leadership

This is the first of 4 part series of Leadership and Business Development programme wih Jeff Nischwitz

Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented leadership, which requires that leaders fundamentally shift the ways they make decisions, communicate and lead. Leaders want to make the best decisions they can for themselves, their employees, and their companies, but every decision seems to have both pros and cons. The reality is that there are no “right” decisions and this requires new thinking, different solutions and unprecedented leadership.

This programme will help leaders lead more authentically, vulnerably and with more every day impact awareness.

Here are a few key takeaways from this programme:


  • The new vital business measure for leaders — Return on Safety (ROS)
  • Shifting from what can you do to what should you do
  • Bringing more humanity and compassion into your organization, team and leadership
  • The vital role of transparency and vulnerability
  • The foundations of impact awareness
  • Leading your business as an infinite (not finite) game
  • Building trust through challenging times

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