Staying Grounded in Uncertain Times 

As leaders, we’re often looking for ways to disrupt ourselves, our teams and our organizations. However, the current times have created disruption that’s affecting all of us and everyone on your team. Some people can be calm in a storm, grounded during turbulent times. The truth of these times is that there are two pandemics – coronavirus and fear – and many people need additional tools for navigating these times in a less stressful and healthier way. 

This program will share proven ideas on staying grounded, staying present, shifting your perspectives and managing your state of mind and emotions so that you can still enjoy life even in the midst of the pandemic and the uncertain and evolving future.

It's easy to feel out of control during these times, and our special guest Jeff Nischwitz will be sharing ways to take back control of your mind, emotions, and experiences.  Here’s some of the key takeaways:

  • Managing the information that impacts your state of mind
  • Different ways to assess risk and better understanding the ways that fear infiltrates our minds, relationships and decisions 
  • Understanding that the only thing we can control is ourselves. Jeff will share some tactics that will help you be mindful of what you can control and to release what you can't so you can still have a life with reduced fear and stress.
  • The importance of staying present during disruptive times
  • The role of vulnerability, empathy and listening in staying grounded