The Asia Pacific alliance started off as a regional group of independent accounting practices that concentrated its integrated regional services mainly in the Asia Pacific region in the name of Apact (Asia Pacific Network of Accountants). By an affiliation agreement signed on 30 May 1998 with INPACT EMEA & Central & South America, Apact started to trade in the name of INPACT Asia Pacific in addition to its own name.

Apact adopts the name of INPACT Asia Pacific

To enhance the global image and to show consistency with the names of the other two alliances that Apact affiliates with, Apact Limited announced its adoption of INPACT Asia Pacific as its only business name on 20 October 2000.  As INPACT Asia Pacific embarked into the millennium, it continued to support its mission to foster an environment in which each member firm can excel as part of a successful alliance.