The Europe, Middle East & Africa region is diverse in terms of its cultures and geography - this has a profound effect on the way that business is done across borders. 

INPACT EMEA enables members in the region to better understand not only the different regulations and laws in each jurisdiction, but also the business cultures that can act as a barrier to 'getting things done'. 

Working together effectively relies on trust - our members in the EMEA region (and indeed globally) are all independent medium sized accountancy practices that have had, through their INPACT membership, the opportunity to develop trust in each other's capability and friendships. This facilitates the flow of business and clients are able to operate and grow successfully across borders. 

INPACT, an award winning* association of accounting firms, provides the platform for learning, sharing, cooperation and of course projecting a larger profile, so that smaller independent firms continue to thrive and to compete in their local markets more effectively. 

Our Europe, Middle East & Africa Executive Office is based in London and coordinates the association's regional activity to ensure the members' needs are identified and a strategy put in place to meet them. Discover the benefits of membership or contact us directly for more information. 

* International Accounting Bulletin 2015 Rising Star Association of the Year