Is INPACT Right for Your Firm?

Do you want to...

  • Stay on the leading edge of the accounting profession?
  • Stay current with practice management strategies?
  • Maximize profitability?
  • Gain access to benchmarking and performance metrics relevant to your firm
  • Develop trusting relationships with non-competing, like-minded firms?
  • Have a peer network of experts in almost every industry and technical specialty just a phone call or email away?

Is Your Firm Right for INPACT?

INPACT places a high value on the ability of member firms to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships and to that end carefully researches firms seeking membership.

In return, INPACT expects a commitment from those firms to participate in and support the work of the association and its members to achieve enriching and productive collaboration.

Criteria for Membership

  • May not be in a competitive market area with an existing member
  • No specific economic or size requirements, but candidate firms must have presence in their market area and sufficient resources (financial/personnel) to participate in INPACT activities
  • U.S. members must belong to the AICPA and participate in its Peer Review program. Canadian and Mexican members must belong to their country’s primary accounting institute or other regulatory body and participate in peer review programs as applicable
  • Must be able to participate fully in the INPACT global alliance
  • U.S. and Canadian members must carry professional liability insurance. Insurance as appropriate in Mexico.